ABC Bartending School: Phoenix, AZ
Arizona's Best Choice 
Bartending Course $259.00

ABC Bartending Nationwide is the premier network known nationally in the industry for its ability to teach and train new bartenders. ABC Bartending Schools are opened across the country and has been placing bartenders nationwide since 1977 with a key location in Tempe serving the Phoenix, Arizona area. 

Are you ready to start a fun exciting career in Bartending? You've come to the right place! ABC Bartending School in Tempe, Arizona is Arizona's Best Choice bartending school. We are leaders in training and educating aspiring bartenders. What sets us apart is our staff, our facility, and our transparency.

We take pride in our work and present professionalism, dedication, and passion for the industry. We're here to provide a foundation for those who want to earn more in life. Our staff members are working professionals in the field, with experience from local bars and establishments to teach you the ins and outs of the industry. Our 5,000 square feet facility is updated with granite countertops, soda guns, real ice, and equipped with Dinerware's latest POS system. ABC is here to not only provide students with an education, but with help in any aspect so that they may become a professional bartender. We will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and attire consultation. We stay connected with former and current students through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, LinkedIn, Foursquare,and e-mail updates. Students can reach us through any outlet and we will be here to answer your questions and concerns.

We would love to hear about your goals and dreams. Take the time to browse our pages and when you're ready, take the next step by contacting us. To schedule a tour, feel free to call 480-777-2333 or email us at

ABC Bartending and Casino School
725 S. Rural Road Suite 210
Tempe, AZ 85281

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