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ABC Bartending School
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Hosting a Party? Let us show you how!

We are now offering a recreational 3-hour bartending course on Hosting a Party. This course covers everything you need to know but not limited to making drinks, liability of guest, quantity purchase of alcohol , and mixology recipes!

This basic bartending course will teach you the basics so that you can bartend at private functions and soirees. We will teach you how to set up your own bar with basic wines, liquors, and spirits along with the right equipment. We will also teach you essential and proper techniques for mixing cocktails and drinks. 

As a bonus, we are also including the online course for additional at-home education and support. This entire package is $149!

Ready to start throwing parties that will be the talk of the town? Interested in signing up? Give us a call and sign-up today! (480) 777-2333

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